Miss Abby

Kari and I welcomed Miss Abigail Lily Maddox to this world on July 16th. This seven pound bundle of joy measured at nearly 20 inches and quickly stole two hearts.


I am amazed by the simplicity and complexity of pregnancy. Inception is arguably easy (especially if you consider statistics for teen pregnancy), and from outsiders, the process is seamless: every week, Kari’s belly grew.

Although it looked simple, the biological changes in nine short months are breathtaking. Cells divide at an incredible pace as a unicellular organism transforms into a baby. Random is not a description I would use for pregnancy.


Kari and I endured a 24 hour day on Abby’s birth day. This exhausting day was followed by sleepless nights and groggy mornings. But we felt great joy throughout the process. I have never sat on a couch for so long while not doing anything, per se. I sat there and held my baby girl.


It’s been nearly four weeks since she arrived, and our lives have changed to say the least. Eight hours of sleep are a luxury, not a norm. Choosing our own pace and schedule is a thing of the past, and quiet is the most beautiful of sounds.

It’s hard to conjure words to describe the joy and pain of babies. They’re amazing creatures whose very existence inspire love and affection. They are also needy beings who interrupt at will and require constant attention.


As I finish this post, I am furiously tapping my foot on Abby’s bouncer to keep the peace. She grunts, pants, and continually reminds me to keep bouncing her. The burning in my calf could make me angry, but seeing her precious little face invokes a sentiment far stronger than the muscular anguish she may induce: love. She has our deepest affection, and her pleasure is our joy.


Great things are in store for Abby and for us. And we look forward to every moment of it.

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  1. Andrew, so beautifuly written. Your love for Abby will grow more everyday. And yes, parenthood is hard, but so worth the rewards when you see the person that you and Kari created, smile back at you. It is just the best. Enjoy each and every moment

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