Romney’s 47% Gaffe

Huffington Post, MSNBC, and others have excoriated Mitt Romney for remarking that 47% of Americans don’t pay taxes and therefore won’t vote for him. The statement was unfortunate in many respects, although I don’t see it as negative as what is portrayed. Is anyone surprised to hear that 47% of the country won’t vote for Romney? I suspect this controversy will die down shortly, but in the mean time, the Romeny campaign should go on the offensive:

Romney should issue a statement along these lines:

“After watching the recently released video, some members of my campaign staff informed me of factual errors within my speech. I, like most Americans, hate when politicians say things that are not 100% true. I am deeply sorry that these off-the-cuff comments were not factually accurate. As president I would serve all Americans, regardless of their viewpoints.

“There are many folks who do indeed rely on the government–my running mate’s mother is one of them, and we have a responsibility to them. We must continue to support our seniors who worked so hard to make the country is what it is. We must also continue to offer temporary support for those who have fallen on hard times.

“Make no mistake, these comments do reflect our belief that the Federal Government has grown too large and supports people who need no support. President Obama’s recent proposal to drop welfare work requirements is another example of this and something my campaign strongly opposes.”

And from Romney surrogates:

“I think this video is a refreshing reminder that government has grown too big and is trying to do too many things. The Federal Government must not subsidize laziness.”


“I think this video proves that Mitt Romney is human and makes mistakes. Mr. Obama’s humanity was established long ago when he condemned rural, religious people and again when he promised the Russians flexibility. The core issues of this campaign remain the same: will the U.S. be subject to the current administrations failed policies for another four years?”

What do you think?